Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas Contraption


On Christmas Day we left Marsh Harbor and anchored out off of Man of War, where I had hoped to visit the shops. We could not get Buster, the anchor, to hold, so we decided to reset it. When pulling him up, we found that Santa had left us a heavy metal device, the purpose of which we could not begin to fathom. Alas, the Christmas Contraption. It took quite a bit of time and help from Rob to untangle this critter from Buster. We reanchored, and had a great Christmas dinner and several days of walking and beachcombing.

When stores reopened, we attempted to dink in but Mister Mack, the Mercury outboard gave up the ghost. The next day my onboard mechanic, using Calder's book Repairs at Sea, diagnosed and fixed the problem. Of course by now it was Sunday and the good folk of Man O War attend church but not their business affairs. So, no conch horns or pretty dresses for us.
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skb said...

fish, catch fish...nice artifact, though