Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bahamas, the Center of the Universe


In less than 24 hours we managed to cross the Gulf Stream (flat as a board) and hear our friends on Celebrian hailing us as we were passing them at anchorage. We took a hard left and rested for the night at Powell Cay, with dinner compliments of Rob and Christine. It is great to be here. It is as beautiful as I remember.

Along the route to the anchorage we passed this rock, and I looked it up on the chart. It is called the Center of the Universe Rock. Like all of the Bahamas, it is grand, and understated. So wish you could all be here.
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Beth said...

Wow! Easy breezy. Congratulations on your successful crossing. I have to admit I was holding my breath a bit. (This does not bode well for you, as I will soon enough have control over your admittance to "the home"..)

Just spent the weekend with your granddaughter on my lap. Nothing for nothing, but the rock was mislabeled. It's actually Willow, Center of the Universe :)

Just opened my Chanukkah present -- Love the art piece. Thank you! It was a highly suspenseful month staring at that package in my apartment :) Loved unwrapping it -- box in a box inside of paper, inside of paper ;)

Thinking of you guys! Happy Christmas in the Bahamas!
love love,

Sharron said...

So very happy that you had such a great crossing!!! Finally something was easy. I'm still in NJ, indefinitely. Your updates are always a bright spot, and now even more so. Have a wonderful, continuous holiday celebration!
Love, Shar