Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arrived Lake Worth

And this is what lumpy seas look like. Fortunately, First Edition is a workhorse, and we have Stugeron aboard. This is an anti-seasickness remedy that you can buy over the counter in the Bahamas, but no where in the US. Our trip from Fort Pierce to Lake Worth took longer than we had hoped, but we arrived before sunset and anchored in the South anchorage. We had a wonderful dolphin display as we neared the inlet.


Curiously, we hit the inlet at maximum ebb current, which should have run about 3 knots. Yet, we were only slowed down about a knot. Good thing.

The South anchorage is where most boats stage for the offshore run to the Bahamas. It does not have the protection provided by the North anchorage (actually in Lake Worth). Also, at the North anchorage there is a dinghy landing (you need water shoes since it is flooded at high tide). You also need to lock your dink since theft is not unknown here. From here, you can walk to a fantastic Publix with dumpsters, and Duffys, a popular watering hole.
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