Sunday, November 2, 2008

Uneventful Update

From Mill Creek we had a long motor up to East River off the Mobjack Bay. It was blowing stink, unfortunately directly behind us. The winds had churned up huge mother seas; we are used to ocean waves but Bay seas of 6 feet seem like a Cuisinart on high speed. It was another long day. We found adequate protection from the NW blow deep into the River. After sitting around for two days, we were the only boat to leave when it was still blowing 30. We had that thing you don't ever want to have on a boat: a schedule.

We had a short trip under normal circumstances just around the corner to the York River where we had a dock reservation at York River Yacht Haven. The wind was up, the seas were big, and it was COLD. And we knew it would only get worse once we turned into the York, and we were right. It took forever to pull into Sarah Creek where we met up with Jimmy and Kathie. For the last several days we borrowed their car and house sat while they had one of their conventions to attend. We currently plan to leave Monday, but a week of forecasted sunshine has somehow turned into big winds and loads of rain. More delays! Now fully provisioned we are anxious to get South.

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knox said...

Hi, thinking of you and trying to schedule a trip south ourselves to meet you. Possible dates are Nov 22or Dec 13. Where does your current schedule have you staying along the coast of Florida? ~s