Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving at Fernandina Beach


Well, at least someone got to be home for the holidays: these shrimpers. As I have mentioned before, being a cruiser during holidays is hard for me, I miss my family and my friends, even though I am blessed to have many new ones travelling along with me.

There were a number of sailboats that made the long trip (25 hours in our case) from Charleston to Fernandina, and we exchanged banter during the voyage with Greta, Blue Blazer, Osprey, and Kokopelli. I had two conversations with a cargo ship, Courage, concerning his expected course (AIS identified her by name). The captain was a very friendly guy who kept saying to all of us hailing him "Yeah, I see all you sailboats out there and I am going to pass behind you". I was never comfortable that "all you sailboats" included First Edition, and sure enough, on my watch he decided to pull in between the boat ahead of us and First Edition. Although he knew exactly what he was doing, I didn't know that, and when I called him to say I thought he was mighty close he (still with respect) informed me he was 1.8 miles away (which I confirmed on my radar) and that would be our closest point of approach. A great big mother cargo ship, at night, turning towards you looks like, oh, five feet from you when she actually is 1.8 miles away. Happy to see her pass.

We motored until 4:00 am when I turned the watch over to Peter who had a great time sailing us up to the inlet.
If you turn right, you go to Cumberland Sound, Georgia. St. Marys is straight ahead. This is the location of the big Thanksgiving pot luck, but since we were arriving late I was concerned about anchorage space, and we turned left to pick up a $15 mooring at Fernandina Harbor Marina. Hours later, Blue Blazer moored right next to us, and joined us for our Thanksgiving meal.
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