Monday, November 17, 2008

Taylor Creek at Beaufort, NC


After waiting out several days of rain we awoke to sunshine on Sunday. But to understand what living on a boat is like, go get your garden hose. Spray all the walls and the ceiling in your bedroom. Be sure you turned off the heat last night. As the drips start to become Chinese water torture, saturating you and your bedding, get up and get dressed as fast as you can to avoid frostbite. OK, there you go, boating on the Intercoastal Waterway in November.

It was still blowing but we had an uneventful trip to Beaufort, one of my favorite stops due to the dining and shopping opportunities. We decided to try anchoring out since the docks here are very tight and there is a bunch of current, today, accompanied by wind (you will notice this is a frequent comment; our boat turns in the distance required by the Queen Mary, and no, we do not have bow thrusters). As we passed the anchorage off the Town Dock, we were turned off by how crowded it was. Several boats had anchor lines entwined and had unvoluntarily rafted (one had his sail up, what was that about?). Several boats were literally turning 360 in the current. So, we decided to head further up Taylor Creek to avoid the mayhem.

We were not the only boat that had decided to do this. The creek is about 150 feet or so wide, but plenty deep, almost to the shores. But you need to place the anchor smack dab in the middle, which is not so easy, as it often will not immediately set. And with the current pouring through here, and the boats sitting to the current, it was like anchoring in a flushing toilet. In the process we saw one of the wild horses on the shore, a missed photo op. Eventually we got snug, and watched for about an hour to be sure we were well set.

We were rewarded this morning with this beauty grazing on the shore next to the boat. These horses eat wild sea grass and drink salt water! They are a wonderful treat at a wonderful spot.
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