Monday, November 24, 2008

Southport, NC

We left Wrightsville for a harrowing adventure to Southport. We had previously run out of fuel three times since we put in our new engine. For some reason after we switch fuel tanks we seem to run out of fuel in the full tank; we have not figured it out yet, but sooner or later we will. Each time we run out of fuel, we wind up sucking out all the crap in the bottom of the fuel tank, and it had apparently not been caught by our "disposal" filter, and made its way to the main filter (where you cannot see it). We knew what the problem was as soon as we starting losing RPM's on the engine. Twice we had to anchor along the narrow ICW for master mechanic Peter to change filters. It is incredible how perfect strangers volunteer to help, willing to stop by or spend time on the radio to walk us through solutions. The captain has learned so much from our mishaps.

This scene is along one of the narrow passages of the waterway. It cracked me up. Note the palm trees.

We ended up at the Southport Marina, a nice place. We took a long walk into town, which was mostly closed up, being late in the day and the season. Definitely worth a return visit. Here we hooked up again with Wind Dancer whom we had met in Beaufort and will travel with down to Charleston, one of my favorite stops.

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