Sunday, November 9, 2008

NC Welcome Center at the Dismal Swamp

We departed the free dock at Deep Creek at 9 am along with Tardis and Blue Blazer, and had a peaceful trip in light drizzle. Depths were fine but we hit a lot of deadheads that were submerged below the surface. First Edition arrived at the dock at the North Carolina Welcome Center at 12:15, and found it to be wide open. We could find no evidence of water, except in the restrooms, which do not have shower facilities. We tied up and latter Tardis rafted up to us.

Peter and I hiked the nature trail at the adjacent National Park, and saw little in the way of creatures except for one white tailed deer.

We organized a pot luck and at 6:00 all 12 boats (rafted three deep) attended, accommodated at a covered picnic table. We enjoyed the company of John and Ellen and after dinner cocktails aboard their Black Tie Affair (one of those fast powerboats). They were out for the weekend and will be heading back to their homeport of Annapolis.

This little fella was the only other wildlife we have seen on this route. Pretty cool dude.
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