Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exiting the Dismal Swamp and Elizabeth City


We left out early (7:15) to catch the 8:30 lock opening. Before the lock you pass through another bridge whose opening is coordinated with the lock. You can tie up to walls on both sides of the canal, and we rafted to Tardis. We passed through the lock at 9:00. Unlike yesterday the sunshine was abundant, but it was very cold. The passage was incredible, very beautiful and quiet. The water is much deeper, and we passed several boats anchored along with way. Goat Island looked like the place I would want to hang the hook.

We arrived at Elizabeth City at 12:20 where we took advantage of the free dock. There is no water or electricity here. You can google "Elizabeth City free dock" and you will get a link to the harbor cam, which shows the dock in real time (and figure out if there is room if you are on the way). The pilings have the width of the slip painted on the outside. Do not go here with any east wind component. With a dolly you can walk to a gas station near the museum to pick up diesel.

This place is known for the "Rose Buddies" who deliver roses to arriving boats and organize a wine and cheese party. We saw no one offering flowers or cocktails, although we did have assistance getting in the dock. We had a decent, inexpensive meal at Thumpers, one of the few restaurants open on Sundays. We had hoped to go to the movie theater, which also serves dinner, but they do not offer dinner on Sundays.

There does not seem to be much in town, but Sunday truly seems to be a day of rest here.
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SusanKB said...

I looked up your current position, some narrow,twisty passages, ...very scenic.
Thanks for the tour and have a good voyage, I'll follow you down the ICW.