Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Love Charleston. We left around 9 am and arrived Charleston Harbor around 3 am the following day. Entering a harbor like Charleston in the dark is both easy, and hard. Easy because it is wide open and deep, hard because there are soooo many lights and if you do not have a chartplotter and radar or AIS (automatic identification system) you are really flying blind. Our Raymarine unit, freshly returned from the factory, blacked on and off several times during the inlet transit. Do not buy Raymarine anything.

Our trip here was as it should be, no drama. Throughout the whole passage though I sat waiting for the engine to start coughing but it never did, our replacement of both filters seems to have done it. We had company in Wind Dancer, and it is sure reassuring to look back and seem a masthead light when you can see nothing else. It was cold, but we rigged up our Honda generator and space heater. The seas were basically flat so this was not a safety hazard, would not want to be rolling around with it though.

We napped when we got here then went into town shopping. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Magnolias, which makes a cosmo that rivals my favorite cosmo bartender Donna. I think I detected a hint of mint. Great food and upscale prices.
Tomorrow we plan to do boat chores (clean out the fuel tank, among others), then head back into town for more sploring.
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