Thursday, November 20, 2008

Celebrating snow at Aqua in Beaufort


With very big winds forecast, we decided to dock, despite the challenges. We arrived at slack water with little wind, so did not create a scene. Very cold weather and 30 knots plus are predicted (always while we are here at Beaufort). All came true.

It snowed. It is not supposed to snow while you are sailing. But it did. The locals went crazy! Running into the streets and screaming (this lasted about 3 minutes---the snow, not the screaming). So, we celebrated in two ways:
we bought a space heater, and ate at Aqua.

Our dockmates were Barb and Lee on Wind Dancer, and after their invitation for cocktails, we invited them to join us at Aqua. We love this place. Tonight, dinners were 2 for 1, and a great glass of Malbec was $3.99.

Tomorrow, we will try to leave. It is blowing stink, yet again. And, it is cold.
It will be hard to leave, but we need to move on.

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