Friday, November 21, 2008

Bogue Sound to Wrightsville on the ICW


We left Beaufort on November 19 in order to run hard aground near high tide in the Bogue Sound. The Bogue Sound sucks. You are constantly seeing your depthsounder show remarkably little water. And since it was blowing around 20 knots from the northwest, we were being set onto the Bogue banks where it is most shallow. We put out the jib and fortunately got a gust, allowing us to point the boat in the desired direction, and pull off. Boat US got a rest.
We anchored at Swansboro which has a fair amount of current, but with our oversized anchor, we found that we held nicely.

The following morning we followed Mishka and Three Penny Opera out of the anchorage at 0650. Fortunately these boats became our leaders through the shallow waters and we learned to follow them but not listen to them, as we bumped very hard while taking their advice to hug G61 at 34 35.8 77 14.6. First Edition took a nosedive, but we put the pedal to the metal and forged our way through the pile of mud or sand that had stopped us.

We were fortunate to have left early as live fire drills at Fort Lejeune began around nine and most boats were held up until noon. We heard new acquaintances on Ooh La La taking the news from the navy in stride.

The rest of the day we were sitting on eggshells waiting to run aground. One of the other boats found bottom twice but not for long. There were four bridges that we needed to open and because all the others had gotten held up by fire practice there was not a big congregation playing bumper cars in the rapid current.

With a gale forecast we decided to tuck in at Wrightsville and took a slip at Seapath Yacht Club, two bucks a foot (ouch!). We were lucky to have arrived near slack and tied to the face dock. A trawler spent over an hour today trying to turn in 30 knots of wind and probably 4 knots of current to dock; it finally whacked the sailboat intended to be behind it during one attempt. We have all been there.

The laundry stinks here. One machine and the dryer won't dry. There is a loaner car though. The marina has turned off the water due to expected temps in the low 20's tonight. Happily, we have our $14.00 space heater.
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