Thursday, November 13, 2008


We left Deep Point at 7:30 and motored along listening to the banter about the Wilkerson Bridge, where the height is said to be only 64 feet. With the water being higher than normal, and our mast height at 62 1/2 feet, I was very interested in the outcome of vessels passing ahead of us. One, with a mast height of 61 feet plus 3 feet of antennae, was viewed by the boat behind it who reported "no air" between the top of the mast and the bridge. That boat, though, reported that its antennae did not brush so I felt some comfort. Another boat with a 63 foot mast was directly ahead of us, and as we approached, I was happy to know I would have someone higher than us ahead. As we approached, Mooch, our new diesel, ran out of fuel. Quickly we put the anchor down. This has been a recurring problem after we switch between fuel tanks and Peter has finally figured out that the returning diesel fuel is going to the wrong tank (therefore the once near empty tank is filling up while the full tank is emptying waaay too fast). Fortunately this happened before the bridge and not under it.

We arrived at Belhaven around 1:00 and stopped at the River Forest Marina to take on diesel. We stayed here last year and would never again; the slips are small, close together, with no turning room for boats like ours. The fuel docks look like they are at a T-head but it is actually to port behind it, you will need to turn around to dock to port to receive fuel.

We anchored out near the bridge and had a peaceful night. Tomorrow we part ways with Blue Blazer who is running hard to get to Beaufort.

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