Saturday, October 18, 2008

Willow's Third Birthday


Featured is the little Miss at her birthday dinner at Vincenzo's. Meal just OK.

Lisa, Dave and Willow drove to meet us here at Solomon's for a third birthday bash, and the chance to say goodbye before we head South. We had booked them a room at the Holiday Inn Express, and Peter and I had been collecting birthday decorations for over two months. I don't know which of us had more fun, although Willow was very preoccupied with the glitter stars.

This visit Willow had actually asked to go for a sail, but unfortunately the winds were too steep for any of us to feel comfortable.

Willow's birthday wish was for a "little princess" and we could not think of exactly what that meant, and Willow could not elaborate. So, Peter and I went nuts buying anything remotely royal: princess dresses (count them, two), Disney princess DVD, wands, tiaras, feather boas, and assorted princess accessories, including pretty white high heeled shoes. Our little princess could have cared less! But, the shoes were a hit, and provided another learning opportunity.

I was not the only one having as much (if not more) fun than Willow.

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