Friday, October 17, 2008

Totally Excellent Adventure with Rob and Christine


The crew of Celebrian joined us aboard First Edition for the boat show and a few days of cruising. We had incredible weather, great Indian Summer sailing in the Chesapeake. As usual, the boat show temp exceeded 80 degrees. We ran into many old/new friends and Celebrian will be getting a new chartplotter!

I feel compelled to mention that I broke the tiller off of the outboard motor while undocking at the Maryland Yacht Club. There, I got that over with. Luckily, Boat Tech, located nearby, picked up the motor and delivered it, repaired, in one day at a reasonable charge. (We got their name from the engine folks that MYC recommended.).

We met up with Vickie and Len at Aberdeen Creek on the South River and then cruised with them to the Wye. Rob caught his first crab, dubbed Felix, to be joined later by Oscar and Little One. We parted with Phase II and then sailed over to the Rhodes (deciding we did not have enough time to get to
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the Chester). Once there, we released Felix and friends to live another day.

We said goodbye to Rob and Christine while anchored in Rock Creek (where incidentally our dinghy had been impounded by the Department of Natural Resouces since it had a double registration. We did not sufficiently cover our NJ numbers when we affixed our Florida plaque so they thought it may have been stolen. Anyhow, this was all reversed with a couple of phone calls but did add a bit of spice to our day).

We will see Rob and Christine again in the Bahamas

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