Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Xantrex Link 2000R Battery Charger and Monitor

One of the cool things on First Edition is our Link 2000R, when it works. The Link monitors current voltage on the battery banks, amps being used (notably, by the Pigs)or contributed by Arnie, the wind generator, or The Girls, the solar panels (cost half as much and work twice as hard), and a variety of other things that I personally could care less about.

Since we bought First Edition in 1999, we have had to replace this SIX times (OK, once was due to the lightning strike, no fault of the manufacturer). Each time, we have to pay to have someone uninstall and reinstall the unit. Most recently, we paid expedited shipping to return the unit so we could get on our way. A new unit was shipped promptly, but it did not function.

These are not "cheap goods" as they say in the garment district. Xantrex used to be reliable and state of the art. Supposedly they changed hands. I wish I owned somebody else's. Let the buyer beware.

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