Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our "Son" the Body Builder

During our last stay with the Rosenzweigs at their all inclusive resort, we had the opportunity to share their son Ben's preparation for INBF National Body Builders Competition in New York City. At recent visits we have experienced Ben enjoying his daily 5,000 calorie diet of steel cut oat meal mixed with water (consumed uncooked), about a trillion scrambled egg whites, and a virtual mountain of grilled boneless chicken breasts. That's it, along with gallons of food supplements with a cost in excess of the national bailout. And no, not one chemical among them.

Here, Ben acquires a golden tan, applied by his trainer Chris, girl friend Maria, and friend Andy. This will allow better muscle definition. Body builders no longer grease up for the competition, they are now sprayed with Pam! Here are the results of Ben's incredible effort (accomplished while preparing for college and during his first two years at Lehigh):

This is Ben's brother, Matt, displaying Ben's Second Place Trophy in the Teen Division. No, although he is equally as handsome, Matt is not a bodybuilder. He is a pitcher.

And the support staff including friends, family, fraternity brothers, and Grammie:

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