Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Sister, the Transportation Guru

I had not seen my sister Bonnie for many, many years for one of those stupid reasons that every family seems to be able to conjure up. While cruising in the Bahamas, Bon sent me a letter that took over six months to catch up with me. In the letter, Bonnie told me she had cancer, and said it was time we mended fences.

By the time I received the letter and reached out for Bonnie, she was just completing her last chemo, and had lost all of her hair. When I first saw my sister at this meeting, it took my breath away. She will always be my little sister, but now, she looks exactly like our mother!

Bonnie runs the Transportation Group at Seashore Day Camp and School, where she oversees the drivers and buses of a fleet of 300. She is also now the grandmother of four, and manages, somehow to be supporting most of her family as a single mother and grandmother. And as you can see, through it all, she still can smile.

Atta girl, TF!
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