Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue Crabs


We carry crab lines onboard, and passed one day managing a small harvest, enough for cocktail hour. To catch crabs, you tie a piece of chicken neck or back to a specially constructed crab line (it has like a hook to attach the bait)and lower your line until it hits bottom, pulling back then just a bit. Attach the line to the toe rail or life line. Everyone once in a while you walk around and gently tug on the line to see if there is a critter pulling back. Sometimes he will keep munching away, so I always pull up on the line to see if there is anyone dining. If so, grab the net to catch him, and quickly dump him in a pail of seawater before he gets the idea that the crab net is not a good place to be and pinches it, disabling your ability without significant effort to free him.

To cook the crabs, create some way to steam them. I put a small pot inside a large pot and top the small pot with a cake pan. Put enough vinegar and beer in to a few inches. Get to a boil, dump the varmints into the pot, sprinkle a ton of Old Bay Seasoning on them, cover quickly, and soon they will be dead, and red, and are done!

Now to get the meat out, that's a whole nother story.
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Susan said...

yea, that's the hard part, but worth it! especially with lots of butter nearby! Peter looks right at home over a steamin' bucket.
What.... no desk?
hope you are feeling better