Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes this is no Fun


You can't swim in the Chesapeake because of these guys---nettles. When it is as hot as it is today, that is an issue. Especially when you are trying to deal with mechanical issues which seem to be non-stop on First Edition as of late:

1. We dropped off our dinghy to have its towing ring reattached. It should be ready tomorrow.
2. We are awaiting a phone call from the Frigoboat distributor, to whom we were referred by our installer. When we arrived here in Annapolis two days ago and called him, we were told he would be out of the country until today. Today when we call, there is no answer. Our freezer unit runs constantly and while I have frozen solid meat, ice cubes, and ice cream, I can no longer blow dry my hair, use my computer with abandon, run the coffee pot, or watch TV as The Pigs (their recently endowed names)suck all the amps out of the batteries. Which, incidentally, are brand new since The Pigs killed the old ones. (OK, they were on their way out according to the Captain.)
3. Last night while charging the engine (to add amps to the batteries to run The Pigs)we noticed:
a. all of the indicator lights on the Link 2000 battery charger/inverter were blinking
b. the light on the engine tachometer (brand new) was off.
4. The forward head is broken again. Peter has made a second career out of fixing toilets. He is off the boat now (had to pay $4 for the water taxi since we don't have a dinghy)to go to buy a new macerator pump.

It is HOT, and I am weary.
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