Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running into Storms, and Friends

Although NOAA did not say one damned thing about thunderstorms on the morning we left Baby Owl Cove, we sure did run into a whopper, packing 50 knot winds, lightning, rain, the whole proverbial nine yards. Fortunately the sky looked weird to me despite the absence of thunderheads or rain on the horizon, so we powered up the weather radio and sure enough, severe t-storms were said to be on the way. We lowered the sails, and buttoned down the hatches. (This is actually something that you do!)

While readying for the storm, we heard the vessel Deborah Lee hailing another boat. We had met Debbie and Bill in the Abacos and now count them as dear friends. Debbie and Bill went back to work, but sail out of the Chesapeake and were on a mini-vacation. So, we made contact and found out we were both headed to Solomons Island, and agreed to meet for dinner.

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This is the best part of the cruising life---running into friends underway, or pulling into a harbor and searching the vessels to see if there is anyone there that you know, and finding one.

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