Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Owl Cove on the Choptank

We left Galesville without incident. Jim's diagnosis was spot on. We had a great sail over to the Choptank River, where much of Michener's Chesapeake takes place. If you have not read Michener, you must, especially if you are headed to a destination that he has written about. But I digress. Peter had chosen Baby Owl Cove because I think he liked the name. It turned out to be an almost landlocked harbor where we were the only boat, snug and peaceful. Coming into Broad Creek off of the Choptank we sited these ospreys which make nests all over the navigational markers around the Bay. As you get close they squawk and one of the parents circle you until you leave the area of the nest.

Speaking of navigational markers, this was an interesting one in the Cove. A duck blind red right returning!

We had a peaceful night here. We had hoped to swim but the nettles were in abundance. The cove has many large homes equipped with mega yachts. This is not a distressed area.

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