Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aye-Aye's Celebration

Every year we try to gather the family together for a celebration of Peter's birthday and Father's Day. This year while I was tending to my Aunt, all gathered at Solomons where we are having the motor installed, and fortunately, the location of some wonderful spots to entertain Little Miss Willow.

The Holiday Inn Express had a great pool, a haven in the incredibly hot Chesapeake summer.

The Maritime Museum presented lots of opportunity for exploring at the lighthouse with vintage clothing, turtles, skates, and boats!

Auntie Beth had lots of time with Willow and Baby Surprise (who I think looks an awfully lot like Chuckie).

AnnMarie's Garden, an affiliate of the Smithsonian, provided our local artist with stick painting and hopscotch.

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But best of all, Aye-Aye got lots of Willow hugs and kisses and warm memories to take as he continues his adventure.

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