Friday, June 20, 2008

Replacing the Engine

The Captain decided it was time to replace our engine, which although running very well, has almost 8500 hours on it. And, although Peter has made significant progress in his diesel mechanic capabilities, when you are sitting our there in God's Country, you want to know your motor will start. After a month on the hard we scooted over to Zahniser's at Solomons Island, Maryland, to replace the Yanmar.

Jim, the mechanic who will be in charge of this project from soup to nuts, called upon the human forklift to sit on a plank as a counterweight to the 350 pound engine.

After inching the motor along the plank, a chain was wrapped around it, and it was hoisted up the companion-way.

Here, Jim proudly shows his extraction while the Captain, relieved that the process is over, smiles.

And to formally announce the arrival of our new baby, Yanmar 4JH4TE, 75 HP. The installation process should take a few weeks, and I will go to visit Aunt Dar.
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