Thursday, June 12, 2008

Living on the Hard in Deltaville

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There is no photograph that can possibly depict with any sense of accuracy how we have been living aboard First Edition. She is sitting in a cradle where tons of work is on-going. In our cabin, the closet is emptied so that the refrig guy can install wires. The stacking closet is also emptied. These clothes are stuffed in various places within the 44 foot space we call home. Fortunately, we borrowed an airconditioner that gets inserted into the hatch. Unfortunately, when it rains, it leaks onto the bed. Our bathroom is a mess. The head has been removed and sent back to the factory, and the hoses attached to said head are in the process of being replaced. All the cabinet contents are also stored everywhere on our 44 foot space. The hotwater heater has been removed from its cabinet, along with other contents kept in that closet, and, you got it, also stored around our 44 foot space. The space where the old refrig unit was is now empty awaiting the new unit and of course, the other contents of this space are sitting around in our 44 foot home. The counter tops have to be kept clean so the refrig guy can install around them, so no storage here, other than hoses, wires and tools owned by said mechanic. During this process we keep all of our cool items (iced tea, lemons, milk for coffee, ice for cocktails) in a large insulated bag that leaks. About 187,422 flies have decided they like it here, and are also sharing the space.

So, we have decided we are going on vacation, and will be sailing with our friends the Tillmans! This may make some of you shake your heads, but anyone who has lived on the hard will understand.

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