Sunday, June 15, 2008

Images from Mill Creek

Ospreys build nests on the daymarkers, and squawk like crazy as you approach their nesting grounds. Here at Marker "2MC" mother is hiding, not yet having delivered her bundle.

Approaching our creek can be hazardous, as there are unlit oyster beds where we all hope the seeds will produce future appetizers. The bay's oyster supply has been devastated by man's attempts to increase crop returns, with fertilizer accounting for their demise.

This is a shot of the property next to ours, the remainder of the farm which was divided up into lots, one of which we will call home. This "farm" is a tax shelter and not a bad neighbor.

And here is our actual lot. It is the overgrown one next to the well constructed rip-rapped neighbor (Lou and Cindy). It is the home of numerous Lone Star ticks, two of which found me and precipitated a visit to the local doctor.

This deer head was found on the Tillman's property, with the body in several parts nearby. For awhile the townies were complaining about coyotes and I guess I now understand why.

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