Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chillin Out at Carter Creek


Thankfully, we joined the Tillmans on Phase II and escaped temperatures exceeding 100 degrees on the hard. There was no wind, but also no nettles (New Jerseyans know these as jellyfish), so we were able to swim. We met up with Vickie and Len at Solomons, Maryland, then went to the big something river on the eastern shore, then to Urbanna, Carters Creek, and again to visit our property on Mill Creek. As always with the Tillmans, we invented some new cocktails, had some great laughs, and planned our future homes. The Tillmans own the adjoining property at Mill Creek, and we are hoping they build before we do so we have someplace to live during our construction. We have also requested a pool and a tiki bar.
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