Sunday, May 11, 2008

Waiting for Tornadoes and Mothers Day Calls

We attended a great pot luck this evening, held at the Beaufort Wine Shop. It was a small crowd, as there was another potluck scheduled in town. About 10-15 couples gathered here to share some good wine, excellent food (unlike most pot lucks), good company, and anxieties. Huge thunderstorms were forecast, to be accompanied by the potential for tornadoes and waterspouts. Being Mother's Day, many of the cruising women also anticipated calls from home from children or grandchildren, bearers of Mother's Day greetings.

The evening get together ended early as dark clouds filled the horizon, many of them odd shaped and the color of midnight. Just as we got aboard, winds heeled First Edition over, and when we finally turned on the wind indicator, we saw velocities exceeding 45 knots, after the initial very strong gust which we did not record. All of our waiting out the storm here proved worth the cost and the delay.

Now many of us are thankful, while some of us rewrite our wills.

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