Sunday, May 18, 2008


Another long day passing through five bridges that we needed to request an opening from. Some of the bridgetenders insist that the boaters all bunch together before the bridge raises in order to get the process over with quickly and allow the waiting cars to get going again. This causes stress to me, as I am certain we will crash into another boat or the engine will die. Neither has happened. After making it through the 4th bridge, we had to kill time for an hour and a half until the next bridge opened. But then it was a short haul to the anchorage at Hospital Cove, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Norfolk waterfront, crammed with barges, warships, and millions of pleasurecraft.

Peter and I left without the other boats the following morning so that we can get closer to Deltaville, where we are having work done. It was another long day, with sunny skies and mild breezes turning into a gusty ride while entering the somewhat unfamiliar harbor at Fishing Bay on the Piankatank. When the mechanics get back to us and say they are ready to go, we will travel to Deltaville where First Edition will be hauled out of the water for the installation of a new refrigeration system.

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