Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Days on the ICW

We finally left Beaufort, accompanied by Sojourner, Allergy, and Far Niente, and had a long haul to Belhaven (about 13 hours, all motoring since we no longer have a main sail). The trip was uneventful and long. Today we had another long day, leaving at 5:45 and arriving at Broad Creek in NC 12 hours later. We ran out of fuel due to miscalculation of our use, and had a Chinese fire drill drifting out of a narrow channel until we put the anchor down and researched the problem.

We had previously been at Broad Creek and I recall it as a favorite anchorage, but we will unable to enter the inside creek as we could not find it without a chartplotter, or, we found it and it was blocked off with stakes. So we sit on the outside, again awaiting thunderstorms and gusty winds.

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