Friday, May 30, 2008

Little Miss Willow


We had the most incredible four days with Willow, David and Lisa, picking strawberries, looking at shells, hiking, shopping, cooking, eating, whacking a pinata, reading books, teaching Willow the hokey-pokey, singing, etc. It is amazing how in November we left this baby just learning to talk to return to a little girl who repeats everything that you say and has a better vocabulary than we do.

"I'm all troomy grammie" is one of her cute expressions, exclaimed as she is sitting in her pool. Read: troomy means prunie, or all wrinkled up!

She was able to almost memorize the words to Puff the Magic Dragon which her grandfather Aye-Aye gave her in book and CD forms, and questioned me about my broken drinking glass which she had seen on our blog. She has a memory like a steel trap.

It was soooo hard to leave but at least we can look forward to seeing her next month hopefully as we will still be "around" doing boat projects, which are still ongoing.
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