Sunday, May 25, 2008

BOAT US to the Rescue at Broad Creek, Deltaville

I ran the boat hard aground trying to enter the channel to Broad Creek in Deltaville. While it is very shallow all around, as we sat waiting for BOAT US to tow us off, many many boats passed by without any complications, so I guess I just got sloppy. Oh, I was on the fringe of the channel when first aground but was pushed by a 25 knot wind further into the shallows. BOAT US provides an incredibly reasonable towing insurance for around $125 annually, and since a tow-off probably would run north of $300, it is the world's best insurance. After getting us off, they led us into the very narrow channel and marina. Although Schroeders Boat Yard closes at 4:00 they promised to wait for us to get off aground to assist in; quite a relief when you have other things to worry about.

While Peter coordinated mechanics I visited with my stepmother and Jimmy in Newport News, attended a Disabled American Veteran luncheon (Kathie is the State Treasurer of the Auxiliary), and had fun catching up with them. Over Memorial Day weekend Peter and I will get to see Willow!!!

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