Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Peter Catchs a Cuda

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We had an incredibly wonderful sail in 20 knots from Pineapple Cay to Royal Island off of Eleuthera. We had planned to tuck into Spanish Wells, but when trying to arrange a mooring as there is no anchorage available, we found out that that one just vacated had been occupied by our friends on Celebrian. When they heard us trying to rent it, they called us to tell us they were on their way to Royal Island, so we hooked up with them there. Rob and Christine hosted us for dinner after our long day's sail, and we planned our trip the next day to the Abacos, a sixty mile plus journey. I know this does not sound like a long time, like an hour car trip, but it is actually a 10-12 hour trip on a boat, and daylight is required.

We left the next morning with five other boats and had another great sail to Little Harbor in the Abacos. Along the way Peter managed to catch his first fish, quite an ordeal. Pull it in, squirt the heck out of it with booze, get the hook out, get the guide books to figure out what we caught, determine it is a Barracuda (not edible due to toxic potential as it eats reef fish which harbor bad bacteria), throw it overboard, and keep trying. At least we got a good picture out of it.

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