Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Passover Complete with the Little Hats

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We hosted Fine Lion and Celebrian for Passover, and my dear friend Christine was amazed that we even had "those little hats". Although it was a bit crowded, we had a good time sharing Passover, I am sure the only seder going on in the immediate area. We served gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup (sinkers, ugh), matzoh, chopped liver (try this on a boat with a potato masher), chicken, potato kugel, and much wine.

We are now at Manjack Cay where there is a good anchorage, an incredible reef offshore which we snorkelled in flat seas, and a strong internet signal. We saw a baby turtle while snorkelling, Rob thinks a leatherback. Very cool. We will say goodbye to Rob and Christine tonight as they turn around to fly home to Canada for the summer. We will hook up with Sojourner and now plan to leave this Friday morning out of Spanish Cay to sail directly to Beaufort, North Carolina. As we do not know what kind of speed we will make in the Gulf Stream, we cannot predict how long this will take, but are counting on 4-5 days. We hope to pick up weather reports as we approach the US coast, listen to our single side band for weather, and will head in to an inlet if we detect any adverse weather. As it now stands, a cold front is approaching which should reach our waters by Monday night, so we plan to turn in by then. We are anxious to see everyone, especially that little girl.

This may be the last post for awhile unless I find some random signal out in the hinterlands.

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