Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Quite the Bahamas, BUT

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We are back in the States, and this is the view from the anchorage at Fernandina Beach. We cleared customs, a short walk from the dock, with a very efficient and no-nonsense agent. The water is not the aquamarine we are used to waking up to each morning, in fact, it is the color of strong tea, likely due to the paper mill pictured. However...

When we entered the inlet, there were actually buoys marking the channel. About 30 miles offshore, we turned on our NOAA radio station, and weather was there, continually updated. Our internet signal was immediate, and strong. We made a few phone calls, using minutes rather than building a $500 monthly phone bill. We walked into town to the post office, which was open. We shopped yesterday for trinkets, and I was able to buy clothing other than tee shirts (and use a Mastercard without paying the store a 4% markup for the privilege, and a 1% charge to Mastercard). Today we will probably go to the grocery store, and I am sure we will find fresh fruit and vegetables.

We had planned to leave this morning with Carolina Breeze and Sojourner, bound for Charleston, another overnight trip. But when we tried to turn on the chartplotter, it would not come on. Not really a big deal except for the fact when it doesn't work, the auto pilot does not work either, and hand steering for 30 hours is really no fun. So Peter is now trying to figure out what is going on, and if he can't, there are at least five service agents listed on the Raymarine website within 35 miles of here, another benefit of our great country. Hopefully we will not need one, but hope one will be available if we do.

Count your blessings, as Americans we take so much for granted.

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