Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heading Home


Pictured here is a dolphin. As I previously recorded, these creatures love messing with boats. On several occasions we were visited during the crossing, as sailing was wonderful and the engines were quiet on day one. Picture perfect weather, wind, and visits from our friends.

On the second day the wind died but the seas were flat, good for motoring. We had problems with our chartplotter, which have been longstanding and for which a boatyard visit is planned. We also must have taken on some bad fuel, as the engine conked out and I needed to wake up the Captain to change the fuel filters. Then, no issues. We are headed for Fernandina Beach, Florida right below Georgia as the cold front has accelerated and we would have to approach Charleston in the dark, no fun with bad weather on the way.

Carolina Breeze is a great buddy boat. When Sojourner ran aground on the Lily Banks they quickly noticed and hailed them to assure them they would circle and wait. When we lost the engine, they volunteered to tow us for 20 miles if we could not get it restarted. Great folks and an inspiration.

Carolina Breeze was hailed by Band of Gold, a shrimper dragging its nets. It was a crack up to listen to Larry's Southern drawl speaking with the shrimper for about a half hour. The shrimper commented on how he had overheard the women talking about headings and RPM's (Cathy and me) and how we knew what we were talking about. He repeated a lot of our conversation verbatim! I guess these guys can get really bored out there, so the next time you bite into a juicy shrimp, think of these guys working the water.
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