Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Great Haul at Little Harbor

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After crossing from Royal we anchored in Lynyard Cay outside of Little Harbor. The cut into Little Harbor was breaking by the reefs but was not bad to enter despite the swells we had experienced all day (4-5 feet). We had some difficulty setting our anchor until we found a good sandy spot.

The next day we went exploring and found tons of sea biscuits, see the little brown things on the dinghy. Rob and Christine had previously had a great harvest at Pipe Creek, so very generously contributed most of the findings to us. After we get a new batch of bleach we can hopefully turn these into beautiful mementos of our trip.

We dinked into Little Harbor proper, the home of Pete's Pub and an art gallery. Doing this in the big boat is tricky, as the entrance is only 3 1/2 feet at low water. Celebrian did spend some time here on the way down but we passed. Several boats were on mooring this day as another devil of a cold front is forecast. We had a successful visit to the harbor, intent upon viewing green turtles and we were rewarded with four sightings! But the little buggers never stayed on the surface long enough to get a picture.

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