Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Extending Our Visas at Rock Sound

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We decided that the best route to the Abacos and a destination where we could renew our visas was Eleuthera, and Rock Sound had the best grocery store so here we are. We dinked over to the airport where we had read we could extend our visas in order to remain in the Bahamas beyond the 120 days initially granted to us. Although we hope to be home at the beginning of May, we did not want to end up in some Bahamian jail.

The immigration agent initially was pouring over all of our documents as if she wanted to find a reason to turn down our request, and clearly, not many cruisers try to renew at the airport. When we brought up the fact that our daughter in law Lisa works for the Department of Homeland Security in the passport fraud division, our agent warmed right up to us and was very impressed with Lisa's credentials.

So, we are valid for another sixty days!

We are now trying to figure out how to manage the trip to the Abacos which we accomplished coming down here with an overnight, which we hope to avoid. We are now at Pineapple Cay, a 20 mile trip from Rock Sound, trying to shorten the distance to Current Cut, the Bahamas's Hell Gate.

The Explorer Charts had said there were moorings here, and a new government dock. Well, there is one mooring, too scary and shallow to pick up. There is the structure of a dock, but it has no floor. Ah, the Bahamas!

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