Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boat Harbor outside of Marsh Harbor

We are about ready to spend our third night here at Boat Harbor, where we were the third boat to anchor a few days ago. This is not shown as an anchorage on any of the charts or guidebooks, but Rob had stayed here before and upon approaching it, we all decided it look like a winner for the northwest winds that are forecast. Initially predicted to blow 20 knots, the revised forecast has the velocity up to 30 by even BASRA, Bahamas Air and Sea Rescue Association, which I contend is a cover for the tourist industry as they never predict nasty weather. There are now perhaps 20 boats anchored here.

Christine and I had a fruitful shopping expedition yesterday, as Peter dropped us ashore and we walked into Marsh Harbor. I bought a very cool set of sanddollar earrings and Christine bought the matching necklace. A few goodies for my granddaughter were also added to the shopping bag.

Today Rob and Peter changed an O ring on the camshaft, which had been leaking oil. Cruising: fixing things in exotic places.

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