Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beth and the Piggies

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After visiting Black Point, we went to Sampson Cay where Beth began to acquire the shelling addiction. Sampson is beautiful with great beaches, particularly at low tide. We anchored off the Club, and had a fantastic four star dinner. The next day we anchored off Big Majors Spot, AKA Pig Beach. Noteworthy was the absence of the brown pig, which rumor has it was killed by the natives after an episode where he jumped into a dinghy, a little too aggressively. Come to think of it, any act of pig boarding dinghy is aggressive. We spent three days and nights here due to weather. Fortunately, the anchorage is so protected we were able to shell, snorkel, and visit Bev and Dave on Cloverleaf and then Paula and Phil on Tramp for cocktails. Last night we had an incredible thunderstorm without consequence (perhaps with the exception of some temporarily elevated blood pressures).

This morning following an extremely wet dinghy ride to the local airport we said goodbye to Beth. We will miss her company, and her adjustments!

We left Big Majors and had a horrible trip in 27 knots of wind and huge choppy seas to Black Point. Tomorrow, laundry, then start heading back home.

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