Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Typical Day in Paradise

It is Easter Morning, and since it is a Sunday, we did not need to arise at 6:30 to hear the weather report for the upcoming week as this one day the weatherman sleeps in. But, at 7 am Bahamas Sea and Air Rescue (BASRA) broadcasts a three day synopsis, so it was my turn to rise. While tuning the single side band to the BASRA station, it stopped changing channels and Peter is now below trying to determine what happened. This could be serious as the Bahamas without a single side band is like walking a balance beam blindfolded.

We arrived here at Black Point late afternoon Saturday after a slow slog from Rat Cay. The prior night we did not sleep as the waters were like a mixmaster, African effects continuing to dominate. But we needed to get here to do laundry, one of the other big deals in our lives. For those of you who followed our Sabbatical trip in 2005 you will recall my laundry exploits. At the laundromat in Black Point each wash load is $3, each dry load is $3 and this is a bargain, explaining our current location. While waiting for the wash we took up our next daily chore, finding out what we were going to eat. Visiting the "market" was not very productive. Unless you show up on the day the mailboat arrives (also carrying fresh fruits and vegetables) you are out of luck. This was one of those days. So we opted to eat out at Lorraine's where we had dined a few times before.

This brings up another daily chore: determining who you will party with that night. We ran into several cruisers, La Detante (Serge and Marie Claire), About Time (Sharon and Doug?), Peter and Susan, and Linda and her husband. Amazing that I could remember this much. We all sat together over dinner and shared tales.

When Peter fixes the daily thing that broke we will go for a several hour walk to try to minimize the effect of last night's rum and juice. (At Lorraines you make your own drinks from her bar and tell her how many you had at the end of the night.)
At Black Point over a two day period I filled a half gallon jug with sea glass and found five sea beans, quite a haul. So I am looking forward to this hike, but not quite as much as I am having the SSB repaired.

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