Saturday, March 29, 2008

Star Fish from Black Point


While swimming off the boat at Black Point, Beth found this perfectly Willow sized starfish, but unfortunately, it was alive. Since we shipped a live conch to Willow last month (unbeknownst to us), we have learned our lesson, and tossed her back into the sea. I also got a great picture of Beth and her Dad in their snorkel gear, but I was not permitted to post it. I may auction the opportunity to view it on e-Bay.

Beth got the tour of the Garden of Eden, the driftwood collection put together by Willie Rolle over 30 years, and previously featured I believe at this site. We then lunched at Lorraine's and walked my favorite beach where we found a hamburger bean for Beth. Beth just might be catching this shell addiction thing. Tomorrow, off to Sampson Cay where there are beautiful beaches and a great restaurant, both of which Beth will love.
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