Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spelunking at Rat Cay


Lisa, Amy, Peter and I joined up with Rob and Christine on Celebrian to enter the Regatta Scavenger Hunt. We had to locate a number of items and answer a myriad of questions, such as when does a spiny lobster mature? It was not easy finding a tennis racquet (we did, we dinked around the harbor asking boaters for things on our list, someone did have one), but some things like black knee socks and a souwester could be found aboard First Edition. After several hours of racing around we turned in our entry, and we lost. We lost badly.

The girls made a fine dinner one night and although I answered questions I refused their request to supervise. It was great to have the night off. One night we went in for rake and scrape at Eddies, and the natives were very enamored with our fair skinned beauties, fortunately Peter was a good supervisor on the dance floor.

We had basically had it with all the Regatta stuff and we decided to bail out of Gtown in search of snorkelling. A site had been recommended at Rat Cay, and we had a decent sail but with rollers. Both the girls benefitted from Stugeron and continued to bake their skin off along the way. Snorkelling was not great, but we did see some great starfish, had some good swims, "laid out", and had a dolphin visit. Our sail back today was glorious and was not accompanied by mal de mer. We shelled today on Hamburger Beach, and then went ashore for the Bahamian Music and Cultural Festival. More will follow on that event!
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