Saturday, March 22, 2008

Roadies and the Rowdy Boys

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We rented a car with Rob and Christine to see the sites of Long Island: Cape Santa Maria where Columbus purportedly landed, the caves with huge stalactites and stalagmites (c for ceiling, g for ground), the beautiful beaches and snorkelling sites, the churches built by Father Jerome who once an Anglican, converted to Catholicism and then became a hermit, the straw markets. For those of you who admire/abhor my need to plan and organize, I have met my equal. Christine. For two days of touring Chrissy had picked out every spot and when we should arrive there, almost to the second. I just had to show up! More strangely, I was comfortable with this arrangement. I suppose a sign of a true friend.

After we picked up the car we picked up some Kalik, the native beer. The storekeeper encouraged us to drink and drive, no kidding. So when in Rome...Rob was very excited to see all the racing boats and eventually figured out that the Esso station guy explaining the boats to us was actually the reknowned builder who constructed the winners over several years.

We enjoyed Clarencetown and visited Enid Major's straw market where I picked up a lovely clutch purse for $18. We headed home to beat sunset and dined at the Long Island Breeze, a new restaurant with quite a flair. Open for two weeks, we showed up on a day that turned out to be quite busy and most of the food was gone. However the chef prepared us a lovely meal and Jackie, one of the owners, made her first cosmo. Not quite to Donna's standards, but after several months without one, good nonetheless.

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