Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lynn's Big Birthday on Long Island

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On March 17 I celebrated a big birthday. Go ahead, pick a number.

365 days of the year as I am making the bed I ask Peter "Is it my birthday?" This question is posed because on my birthday Peter has promised to make the bed, which on a boat which is about the size of your closet, is a big deal. I keep hoping I can celebrate more than one birthday a year. He did it, although I could not bounce the proverbial quarter. He also gave me a promise of a lightning bolt charm for my bracelet which my sister in law Marge had crafted by her jeweler; this to be delivered by Beth next week. Dear friend Vickie sent a selection of magazines along with her daughter Amy and a key lime cookbook for my collection was left onboard during their visit.

We took a long walk on the beach at Long Island, which is south of the Exumas, and I found a sea bean, which is a great way to celebrate your birthday.

And even better way is to be hosted at a birthday dinner, complete with many beautiful seashells presented as a gift. Rob and Christine worked away all day to be sure this was a special night. We even were able to have fresh fish, which should not be unusual here in the land of fishies but is. We enjoyed Hogfish caught by a fisherman whose wife cut my hair later in the week. Thanks again Chrissy and Rob.

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