Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hunting for Easter Treasures

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We understand our granddaughter had a marvelous time hunting for Easter eggs and I am surely sad that I could not share that event with her. But, I did get to go on a hunt of my own on Easter Sunday, and this picture shows the results of the search. (I have probably said this before, but walking the beach with Peter, as he diligently picks through the sea wrack searching for goodies, makes me pinch myself. Was he really a lawyer in a business suit working long hours, just a year ago?)

This is the second time we have had a great haul at Black Point (shhh!). I think we took 7 seabeans (unheard of! you will need a closeup of a hamburger bean to fully appreciate this, or maybe not if you are still working away at some high powered job). Check out the seaglass. BUT, look closely at the variegated seabiscuit. How I lusted after Christine's beauties, but this specimen is spectacular!

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Susan said...

Helo sailors! glad to read that you are well and having a true adventure. We arrived here on Tuesday. Happy Easter, Happy Birthday and your shell / sea glass collection is outstanding! We are staying in town until Sunday. I imagine that you will stay afloat as long as possible. enjoy!