Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Greetings


To all of my Christian friends I send Easter greetings. Because it came so early this year, and without any fanfare here in the Bahamas, it snuck up on me and I did not have time to mail holiday greetings.

I took this picture at St. Peter's Church in Clarencetown on Long Island in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful little church, with a steeple we all could climb to get a wonderful panoramic view of the water and countryside.
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Kathy said...

Hi! I stumbled on your wonderful blog by clicking on the 'next blog' button. What a refreshing find! I went all the way back to your first entry and realized that it's your blog's first anniversary today. Your adventures brought back many memories of sailing with my husband's brother and his wife in the BVI, Biscayne Bay and Jamestown RI (home until 1989) The British VI are beautiful beyond words, a sailor's dream. Hopefully, your journey will take you there in the future. We love sailing, but are not sailors. We do have a wanderlust but do it in a RV. The 4th trip around the country is coming up in a week or two. I'm doing a blog much like yours for family and friends to keep up with us.
Glad to see you enjoyed our beautiful Charleston!