Friday, March 28, 2008

Beth Arrives at Staniel Cay

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After spending three days hanging on a mooring at Thunderball (where the movie of the same name, a 007 saga starring Sean Connery, was shot) while waiting out yet another blow, Beth arrived via Flamingo Air from Nassau. This is the best and most economical way to connect with us in the Exumas. Beth reported that the views coming from Nassau were amazing.

We were fortunate that slack low tide occurred shortly after Beth had unpacked on First Edition, so we quickly suited up and dinked over to Thunderball Cave, where the little fishies are in great abundance and while snorkelling, you provide breadcrumbs to them and they surround you. It was a great way to start Beth's visit.

We then dined at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club where we enjoyed mango daiquiries and a four course meal, all very good (nothing fried, a rarity in the Bahamas). We met a guy at the bar that we had met at Lake Worth before we left for the Bahamas and chatted about our electronics issues.

Tomorrow we head for Black Point with Beth where we will dine at Lorraine's and walk the sea glass beach.

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