Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bahamian Music Festival

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The final night of the Music Festival was Saturday the 15th and we met up with Rob and Christine from Celebrian and ran into Steve and Kim from Fine Lion. Tonight it was Bahamian music night with singing and dancing, a real party. This is a shot of the Junkanoo breakout float. The music was awesome, with lots of tiny little and big boys hauling oil drums from their necks playing incredible music. I really want bongos for my birthday but would settle for cowbells.

The next day we leave with Celebrian for Long Island, about an eight hour trip which in the Bahamas is a big deal. We long to leave Georgetown. Long Island is known as the friendly island where the natives are all industrious and not quite as laid back as the rest of the Bahamians. This is supposed to be a good thing but in our new life I am not sure why.

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