Friday, February 29, 2008

Volleyball Beach at Georgetown


We are currently anchored between Volleyball and Sand Dollar Beaches while the high pressure blows through at 20-25 knots. Yesterday it calmed down a bit and we dinghied over to Volleyball where regulation volleyball is played by some very serious cruisers. Watching it reminded me of my college days when friend Sharron and I played on the co-ed varsity team and I think we won the State championship. Anyhow, Volleyball Beach exemplifies the nickname for Georgetown: Day Camp for Adults. Different activities are announced on the morning net on the VHF: an insurance seminar, yoga, basket weaving (no kidding), mahjong, DVD swap (I picked up Little Miss Sunshine which I have seen before but can't wait to see again), it goes on and on. Some like it. Others don't.

We picked up some Kaliks at the Chat N Chill and met some new friends, Kim and Steve on Fine Lion, and Bev and Larry on a Swan 44. We sat around doing nothing, drinking beers, until it became dinner time and we decided to dine together with Stan and Kathy (Gaspara?) at St. Francis Yacht Club, where a Texas Hold em tournament was being held. We had a nice meal and good company.

Kim is going to show me the reefs and beaches where we can take Amy and Lisa when they arrive a week from today. I call Amy my little best friend, although as a college sophomore she is not so little anymore. She will be joined by her University of Georgia sorority sister, Lisa. We intend to show them a good time and send them home with gorgeous tans.
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